Reorganization / change, demography, job rotation, retirement, longer absences…

… change activities often result in a drop of qualilty, realize up to 30% efficiency increase when your organization faces the challenge

Experienced staff will retire, key persons change their internal area, terminate the contract or take longer vacations . The resulting loss of knowledge can be immense: With the person leaving the workplace, important implicit (experience based) knowledge is lost.

We coach key persons and enable transparency of work areas, understanding of processes and deliverables, appreciation of employees and an effective risk assessment. This is the baseline for an efficient transfer of knowledge in complex organizations. The methodology is designed for everyday use, tested and adapted to various work environments.
Each knowledge transfer is individually adapted for your organization and your key staff.

Benefits for your company

… min. investment – max. identification and retention of knowledge

  • On average, 30 % more efficient learning curve for staff / deputy in new work area
  • Keep experience based knowledge in the organization, even during change
  • Shorten training period, avoid ” idle time” due to early and fitting task assignement
  • Realize an efficient transfer of multiple projects or workspaces
  • Increase employees motivation: less inefficiency (avoid reinventing of the wheel), gain more and better “decision-making power”
  • Obtain transparency in function and work processes of employees and the organization
  • Identify and realize improvements in processes and customer orientation
  • Enable sustainable development on both employee and organizational level
  • Bridge the gap between corporate vision and daily work due to transparency in work area and organization